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    London Election Gerrymandering
    April 9th, 2008 at 23:24

    One of the big considerations in a democratic society is how to make that democracy representative, and make sure everyone’s votes count. There’s no one way of doing it – there’s all sorts of variations of democratic government, all of which have various mechanisms built in to try and involve as many people in the political process as possible.

    The thing is though, some people are still going to feel disenfranchised. In fact, the thing that’s motivated me to write this is that I feel disenfranchised.

    That’s right, I, a white male, someone in the demographic that always wins, am disenfranchised.

    Y’see, I really, really want to vote in the London Mayoral Election. It isn’t fair. I’m being denied the vote just because I don’t live in London. Its a textbook case of gerrymandering: they’ve drawn up the boundaries specifically to deny people who don’t live in London a vote on who gets to be Mayor of London.

    Its annoying too that the vote is in early May, as I have every intention of moving to London before the end of the year – and if I do, I could potentially be stuck in a city ruled by Boris Johnson, a man who can’t even run a quiz show properly, let alone a major world city.

    I wouldn’t mind if I had the opportunity to vote, then I can at least say I tried to keep the Tories out, but as it is, its totally out of my hands.

    And besides, I deserve a vote. Maybe even two or three votes. I should be made an honorary Londoner. I love London, I think its excellent. I’ve been there loads of times – I even enjoy travelling on public transport and being surrounded by thousands of people at tourist attractions. I have a big tube map on my wall to delude myself into thinking that I live in London – and I’m even a big enough London nerd to know that it’s out of date, and am able to explain how.

    As a politics junkie too, it bothers me that I don’t get to vote – its a fascinating election as its the third biggest direct mandate vote in Europe (after Presidents of France and Portugal), and the personalities involved make it the closest Britain is ever going to get to an American-Presidential-style election.

    So please, if you’re reading electoral commission, please can I have a vote? I’ve got an Oyster card and know London secrets like that the Bank/Monument interchange isn’t actually entirely closed. I’m asking nicely: please!

    The only thing that could possibly cheer me up from this travesty would be finding some Right Price Furniture*

    *Sponsored link.

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